What is "Mini Shark Tank?"

November 10, 2017

What is Mini Shark Tank you ask?  I was lucky enough to be invited to a very special event, a tradition at Bragg School in Chester:  MINI-SHARK TANK!  It was such an inspirational experience.  These elementary school ‘treps were expected to present their business idea with a prototype to three judges a few weeks before their TREP$ Marketplace.  The judges would listen and then ask thoughtful questions and give insightful suggestions.

Knowing that you would all want to see what happens at Mini-Shark Tank, I taped one of the businesses as they presented to “the sharks,” and kept filming while the sharks responded to the presentation.  Bragg School Mini-Shark Tank

After posting this video online, I was reminded of the special edition of the crazy popular (especially in our circle) television show, “Shark Tank”:  Shark Tank Your Life- Kid-Preneurs Edition.  It would be wonderful for young entrepreneurs to see this episode as they embark on their adventure.  The kids pitching their products are just fantastic, but then- we are used to fantastic kids since we see them at all of our TREP$ Marketplaces and feature them in our spotlight section of this newsletter every month!

We look forward to hearing about more events like this at TREP$ schools around the country!  We are working on some resources to help guide those who are interested.  Special thanks to Cynthia Thieringer and Susan Connelly who bring so much energy to TREP$ at Bragg, and have been generous in sharing their ideas with all of us.

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