• “In order to run my business, I had to learn how to do lots of new things on the computer. Because of TREP$, I am now ‘tech-savvy’!” — Jack

    “I liked that I got to work in groups with kids from other grades, and the challenges were always fun.” — Jonathan

    “TREP$ was fun, informative and especially exciting! What I liked best was the Marketplace and all of the group activities at the Workshops.” — Nick

    “TREP$ taught me to work hard.” — Stephanie

    “TREP$ was fun, hard, and it helped me understand how to own a business. I liked the feeling of the Marketplace the best. TREP$ helped me because I used to think that the stuff we learned in school was useless.” — Mackenzie

    “TREP$ was one of the best experiences of my life. I liked the fact that this program will prepare us for the future. When I sold out of my product, I felt great, and I am encouraged to run a business!” — Kelly

    “I didn’t expect so many people to be at the Marketplace. I liked when the people first walked up and asked me questions and actually bought my product. They asked me the questions as if I was really a business person. TREP$ was super!” — Taylor

    “I absolutely loved TREP$. I liked when we did the “challenge” each week at the Workshops. And I loved showing everyone our artwork at the Marketplace. When we sold our products, it felt all warm and fuzzy inside.” — Kayla

    “I felt a lot of confidence. It also helped me in math. I think TREP$ was the best thing I ever did!” — Kaci

    “TREP$ was exciting. I felt grown-up. I loved making money! I also loved making customers happy. TREP$ teaches kids responsibility. I learned that the math we learn at school will helps us in real life.” — Emily

    “My time in TREP$ was awesome because I learned to be responsible and had a ton of fun at the same time. You have to do some math, but it’s to figure out all of your expenses and profit!” — Lauren

    “TREP$ was fun and exciting. It helped me with my business plan. I liked thinking of stuff to sell and coming up with different advertisements. TREP$ is a good addition to our school offerings.” — Jake

    “Now I feel like I know how to act professionally. Since TREP$, I also pay more attention in school.” — Tom

    “TREP$ made me use my brain. The group activities were fun. TREP$ prepared me for the business world. I was able to use things I learned in school like money, fractions and proportions.” — John

    “TREP$ was awesome, a little hectic and a whole lot of fun! I loved being able to make money. I’m glad we have an after-school program that will actually help us in the future. In TREP$ we used math, art, language, and social skills. TREP$ is great, great, great!” — Rebecca

    “The TREP$ Marketplace was fun. I liked selling my marshmallow shooters and looking at the other sellers’ things. I think I got a positive attitude from TREP$. It made me happy.” — John

    “I learned to make large and sometimes risky decisions. I learned that you really have to pay attention in math. TREP$ was fun, and I learned how to own a successful business.” — Hans

    “I would say that TREP$ was well done and organized. It was fun, and I felt good when I got to donate the money I made to the Learning Unlimited program in our town.” — Victor

    “It was a great experience and a very good way to start a business for kids our age. I like how we were the ones selling things, not our parents, and how we really had to work like business people. Also, the money! TREP$ gives kids a chance to be responsible.” — Nicole

    “I liked that we learned how to take an idea and make it real. It taught me a lot of great things that I know I will use in life. It helped us show our creativity and make a nice profit! We used math, organization and writing, which we learned in school.” — Katie

    “TREP$ has given us the chance to make a business out of something we love to do!” — Ben

    “Tonight my son asked my husband if he ever considered advertising his business on a pizza box. It’s working! He is starting to think like a business man!” — Mrs. M.

    “For years people have shown interest in my children’s artwork, some even offering to purchase it. Now, because of TREP$, it has become a reality. Something they love to do has been taken to a higher level.” — Mrs. O.

    “Bravo! TREP$ allows kids the opportunity to explore their interests, talents, and creativity. With each week their excitement mounts, learning and having fun at the same time. Before they realize, a fully developed and marketable product appears! Thanks for inspiring the imagination that exists in every child.” — Mrs. K.

    “My son loved everything about TREP$. It was an excellent fit for him. It was positive, informative, and rewarding. He is sad that it is over.” — Mrs. S.

    “It was a very positive experience that let the kids use their creativity and imagination in a thoughtful, mature manner.” — Mrs. P.

    “TREP$ gave my son intrinsic motivation to improve social skills, take more responsibility and rely on himself for the future.” — Mrs. M.

    “TREP$ taught my kids about supply, demand, inventory, and timelines.” — Mrs. B.

    “TREP$ gave my daughter the opportunity to have something of her own. It also gave her not just the ability to make money, but the responsibility of using it.” — Mr. C.

    “The TREP$ program was amazing. My husband and I were just blown away. Our Michelle was so nervous that nobody would buy her product that she worked so hard to produce (hand-made purses). She sold every last one — what a boost to her self-esteem! This event allowed these kids to realize that there is no limit to what they can accomplish. THANK YOU again!!!!!!!!” — Mrs. T.

    “My son is making much better spending decisions because he is paying for more things himself. TREP$ taught him the hard work and value behind a dollar.” — Mrs. R.

    “TREP$ taught my daughter to manage and value time, and that she will reap what she sows.” — Mrs. S.

    “TREP$ is an excellent program — very constructive and empowering for the children!” — Mrs. D.

    “With the money my son made, he is now developing a social conscience and wants to help those less fortunate. I couldn’t be prouder.” — Mrs. M.

    “I was so impressed by our TREP$ students. They were so professional, I had to remind myself that they were kids! They all demonstrated admirable traits such as creativity, responsibility, and productivity. Most importantly, the students were polite, knowledgeable, and very effective in persuading others to purchase their products.” — Mrs. M., Teacher

    “In talking to the kids from TREP$, I am impressed by how many clever, enthusiastic, and ambitious kids we have at our school.” — Mrs. S., Teacher

    “Schools, in general, teach kids to follow the rules and to strive for middle management. It is a different mindset that fuels the entrepreneur, and our schools are sadly lacking in nurturing that. TREP$ fills that void. With this program, you are instilling an entrepreneurial spirit which, down the road, could mean the difference between mediocrity and success.” — Mrs. D., Teacher

    “Each of us knows how important a strong work ethic is and programs like TREP$ encourage students to set goals and work hard to achieve them.” — Mr. K., Superintendent

    “TREP$ was the most beneficial program our PTA offered last year. It gave the children a direct, hands-on learning experience. Children were able to use their math skills in this realistic experience. During the Marketplace, I noticed enthusiastic, exciting children. They were eager to discuss their product and how their idea came to be. The following day, the children were excited to share their success stories.” — Mr. R., Teacher

    “It was apparent at the Marketplace that TREP$ is a valuable means to bring students, parents and the community together around projects that engage and challenge our young people to apply their academic and social skills to the real world beyond the schoolhouse.” — Mr. G., Board of Education Trustee

    “The kids in TREP$ were enthusiastic about learning creatively and with a purpose. They learned that careful planning and a creative presentation would enhance the marketing of their products. Many areas of academics were supported by the program, such as math, creative writing, oral presentation, research, and organizational skills. All schools should offer TREP$ as an extracurricular activity and an adjunct to kids’ education.” — Mrs. W., Teacher

    “Having attended the TREP$ Marketplace, I can truly say the Champion for Children Award for TREP$ is well deserved. The students were so positive and proud to explain their products, and it was obvious by the end of the evening with almost everything sold out or on order, that TREP$ and the PTA were indeed champions. Again, congratulations.” — Mrs. T., Board of Education President

    “TREP$ was a wonderful and rewarding experience for our students. It was beneficial to all who participated.” — Mrs. B., Teacher

    “Kudos to TREP$ . . . and of course to all of the unbelievably talented students. I was so impressed by the show of support by family, friends, and teachers. I commend you for advertising the event so well. Getting the word out really helped these outstanding entrepreneurs shine. What a great way to spend a Friday night!” — Mrs. G., Teacher

    “TREP$ is a program that not only develops the students into business owners, but it also develops students’ confidence and character. They learn to take risks and find their own voice in order to promote their products. They are developing life long skills that will allow them to meet with future success in all aspects of their life. — Meghan Donegan, Westbrook School, Workshop Facilitator

    “As a principal, the TREP$ program challenges middle school students to think “outside the box!” It fosters entrepreneurship and provides another experience from which our students can meet the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards of financial literacy and career readiness.” — Frank Verducci, Principal, Walter T. Bergen, Bloomingdale, NJ

    “If you want to get students excited about learning real world skills, you really must use TREP$. The beauty of the program is how it is so focused on developing products that are driven by student choice that the students don’t notice all the learning they are doing. To become the CEO, CFO and CCO of their own company and do all the work involved is no small task, but feeling the excitement at the TREP$ Marketplace and watching everything they have learned come together is priceless. We, at Bragg, know this experience has changed the way many students look at business and their own capabilities.” — Michele Stanton, Principal, Bragg School, Chester, NJ

    “The TREP$ program helps build a collaborative, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit among our 5th and 6th Grade students.” — Bill Kane, Principal, Maple Road School, West Milford, NJ

    “In the ten years that I have been at this middle school, there has never been a program that has been so well received, and by such a cross-section of the student population as TREP$.” — Maria Picone, guidance counselor Walter T Bergen Middle School

    “The educational value in the TREP$ program is endless. Our students not only learned great financial literacy and many business applications; they also experienced time-management, long-term planning and a deep develop of strong interpersonal skills.” — Michael Donovan, Principal, Ridgewood Avenue School, Glen Ridge

    “TREP$ is one of the experiences that the kids will take from elementary school and remember the rest of their lives.” — Dr. Steve Wisniewski, Principal, Paradise Knoll School

    “I highly recommend this program. It teaches, excites, motivates and empowers the children. Out of all our after school offerings, TREP$ stands out as the most beneficial to the students, the school and the community. I cannot imagine our school without it.” — Dr. Steve Wisniewski, Principal, Paradise Knoll School

    “In the first week of school, the kids are already asking, when are we doing TREP$ again?” — Dr. Fredda Rosenberg, Principal, Walter T Bergen Middle School

    “Watching the kids rise to the occasion is my favorite part of TREP$.” — Cassandra Harvey, TREP$ Workshop Facilitator, Walter T Bergen School, NJ

    “TREP$ was the most rewarding experience of the year for me.” — Matt Zimmerman, Workshop Facilitator, Califon School, NJ

    I’ve been meaning to email you, to thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase such a wonderful product that enlightened so many children and adults throughout our entire community! There was so much energy and excitement when I visited your marketplace last year, I never expected anything even close to that here in our little town of Bloomingdale! In the beginning, I was told that there would maybe be five students interested in the program; thank goodness we had faith in what you developed, as we had to turn students away, and ended up with a total of 42 participants! Each and every participant walked away with a valuable lesson learned, pride, and yes, a little cash in their pockets. There were so many of their parents, friends, and neighbors in the community who took the opportunity to come in and see what a few middle school students were doing, who also walked away with some pride, and a little less in their pockets! 😉

    This is my last year as PTA President, (I’ve been on the Board for 4 years now- time to give someone else a chance!) and I have to say the one major accomplishment I can walk away with during my term was to be a part of bringing the TREP$ program to our school. One of the teachers who taught the course told me that it was one of the most incredible experiences she’s ever had with any of her students, witnessing their growth from the beginning to its conclusion at the marketplace. It truly benefited so many who were involved in the various aspects, and is considered “a keeper” for years to come! I know how good I feel about the children at our school it’s impressed upon; I can only imagine how you feel as it grows across the counties and what you’ve created touches so many people with such an intense, positive impact.

    Thank you, also, for taking the time to walk us through, attend our Workshops and Marketplace, and be able to witness another successful, proud, group of students walk away with knowledge you’ve provided them!

    Take care and stay in touch with emails of new upcoming events, etc.!

    –Beth Pellegrino, Bloomingdale PTA, Bloomingdale, NJ