Meet Jianna of J-Blocks

December 16, 2017
Well it all started at my aunt’s house playing regular old JENGA. I thought “What if this could be better?” So after some thinking I decided to make it taller. After some more thinking I thought of coloring it too, so then I found out that Home Depot cuts the wood for free. As my family and I went to Home Depot we got 15 total pieces of wood with twelve cuts in each piece, and every set needed to have fifty four pieces of wood. After that I had a total of three sets.
The next couple of days I started to sand some of the pieces, then after some time I wanted to start painting. I started off painting the whole blocks.  After maybe eighteen blocks, I tested them out by setting them up. Then I found a problem, the blocks weren’t sliding as well as they should. A while after, I figured out out I should only paint the ends of the blocks. Guess what! It worked.
One set was red, white and blue. The second set was all different colors and the third set was all different colors but had some that were different than the second set. After telling my friends, they thought I should make more! But you know, it was a lot of work even just to make three. But I figured out I really should make more, but this time we tried a different store which was a lumber store in Butler. This wood  was awesome! It really didn’t need that much sanding. So I made two sets with that wood which were all different colors and a stained one. This wood cost a little more than the other wood, but I think it was worth it. So in the end I had five total sets.
Deciding on giving to charity wasn’t hard at all. On TV I would see all these commercials about Saint Jude.  I felt so sad for these kids who have cancer. So I decided on doing a little game. It was a dollar to spin the wheel and that money would go to Saint Jude. The person would choose a color (white, red or green,) and if they landed on that color they would get three candy canes. A lot of people were spinning the wheel and raising more and more money for Saint Jude. It felt awesome seeing myself sending over money to help kids in need.
Overall it was a really good experience at TREP$ Marketplace. I sold out and made $62.50 for Saint Jude’s. I cannot wait to make another product next year!!
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