Video Gallery

  • Ready for TREPS?

    Learn more about how the program works from the student, parent and teacher perspective.

    Reaching All Your Students

    The TREP$ program is student centered which means the experience is driven by the child’s interests and abilities.

    Minimizing Risk:
    Tip 1 for TREP$ Success

    Learn how to minimize your risk. 

    Interview with Principal about TREP$

    Principal Michael Donovan tells about the TREP$ experience at Ridgewood Avenue School in Glen Ridge, NJ.

    Classroom CloseUp

    The TREP$ program at Walter T Bergen School in Bloomingdale, NJ was filmed for the television show, “Classroom Close-Up.”

    Table Display:
    Tip 3 for TREP$ Success

    Learn how to create an eye-catching display.

  • Hysterical TREP$ Commercial

    Enjoy eavesdropping on a conversation between two moms who have more than a little faith in the TREP$ experience.

    Supporting Your ‘TREP

    Tips for parents of
    young entrepreneurs.

    Preparing for the Marketplace:
    Tip 2 for TREP$ Success

    Learn how to be ready!

    What About the Money?
    Tip 4 for TREP$ Success

    Spend, save, or share, that is the question.