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  • TREP$ Products

    All of our TREP$ products have been created with quality, ease-of-use, and flexibility in mind. For example:
    • Lessons and activities are suitable for students in grades 5-8;
    • The program can be used for a single grade level or for mixed age/grade groups;
    • Classes can be adjusted to run between 40 to 75 minutes in length;
    • With scripted lesson plans, workshops can be taught by a professional teacher, parent volunteer, home-school parent, local entrepreneur or anyone willing to invest less than 2 hours per week!
  • Treps_HowitWorks

  • The TREP$ Start-Up Kit


    All you need is the desire to teach kids about business, and the TREP$ Start-up Kit will take care of the rest!  Here are the items included in this comprehensive package and the benefits you will enjoy with your one-time purchase.

    TREP$ Workshop Facilitator Manual and Online Resources
    • provide an engaging curriculum that can be incorporated into the school day or used as a before or after-school club;
    • include minute-by-minute, scripted lesson plans that allow you to spend less time planning and more time focusing on the kids;
    • contain access to animated video presentations for each lesson; NEW!
    • include comprehensive slide presentations to accompany each lesson;
    • describe each portion of the lesson including the objectives, materials, preparation, and instruction.
  • TREP$ Team Leader Guide and Online Resources include step-by-step directions, time-saving tools, and customizable forms to oversee the entire program from soup to nuts.
    TREP$ Kickoff Video, when shown to your target audience, creates excitement and interest in participating in TREP$.
    TREP$ Student Workbook Sample
    (1 copy for teacher reference; student copies purchased separately)
    The TREP$ Student Workbook Sample is provided for teacher reference only and cannot be duplicated. Copies of the Student Workbooks (see below) are required for all participants, and must be purchased separately.
    TREP$ Single-Use License provides the purchasing organization with a non-transferable license to implement TREP$ one time, at one school or location. While the other kit items are reusable year after year, the Single-Use License expires after one TREP$ implementation. Automatic renewal of the Single-Use License will conveniently be provided for free, however, each time Student Workbooks are purchased for each participant for an upcoming implementation.
    TREP$ Online Access allows customers access to a multitude of valuable resources, including updates to products, as long as your license is in effect.
    TREP$ Publicity Guidebook and Online Resources provide all of the materials needed to help promote the TREP$ Marketplace to the school and the community at large — getting the kids the audience they deserve so that they can really shine! 
    TREP$ Marketplace Guidebook and Online Resources include everything that is needed to plan and execute the TREP$ Marketplace including options for table layouts, staffing suggestions, and more.
    Again, purchase of TREP$ Student Workbooks will be required, as well.  Once your registration period has closed and you have a precise number of participants, visit the website again to order as many TREP$ Student Workbooks as you need.
  • TREP$ Student Workbooks

    Student Workbooks III

    Once your target audience views the enticing TREP$ Kickoff video, you’ll see firsthand the incredible level of interest that is generated.  You’ll need to purchase a TREP$ Student Workbook for each participant to have all of the resources they need to follow along in the Workshops and to be well-informed as they start their businesses.  Reasonably priced at $12 per book, the TREP$ Student Workbook is a critical component, and therefore REQUIRED for each participant each year to successfully implement the program.

    * The TREP$ Student Workbook is used in conjunction with the TREP$ Start-up Kit.  It is not a stand-alone product.   It is protected by copyright and cannot be duplicated.
    • allows students to follow along in class and gives them a place to jot down notes or ideas as they become inspired;
    • reviews all of the Workshop content and activities, in case someone is absent or just wants to “brush up” on a particular topic;
    • includes basic business forms like a Loan Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Expense Worksheet, and Business Plan — useful tools to guide ‘treps from vision to venture; 
    • provides each participant with a take-home resource that they can use during TREP$ and long after, as they choose to continue their business or explore other entrepreneurial opportunities!
  • TREP$ Aprons

    apron with treps logo-B&W

    Help your entrepreneurs shine with our exclusive waist aprons with the TREP$ logo. The one-size-fits-all aprons are fun, fashionable, and functional.  When worn at the TREP$ Marketplace, they lend an air of professionalism to the young entrepreneurs.  The students wear them proudly and love using the three divided pockets to keep their newly earned cash organized and safe. 

    TREP$ T-Shirts

    Gildan, 5.3 oz, 100% cotton shirt; Available in Youth M (10-12), L (14-16);  Adult S, M, L, XL.  Minimum order 25 shirts (mixed sizes are acceptable.) Contact orders@trepsed.com to receive quote.



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