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January 01, 2019

Tips for Hosting a Great Marketplace

*Resources for the Marketplace Coordinator are periodically updated. 

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Have a great tip?  Let us know so we can add it to this list.  🙂

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:  What a great way to send the message to your students that this is important.  Invite the mayor, a member of the town council or board of education, or a local celebrity to officiate.  Gather some well dressed kids behind for the photo op.  When you’re ready to cut the ribbon, start a count-down so everyone can be involved and photographers will be clued in to the timing.

Check-in Option:  Give the students their table number during the school day, so when they come they can go straight to their table and start setting up.

Balloons: Balloons really make a Marketplace look more festive.  Dollar stores offer great prices to make this affordable.

Microphone:  Remember to set up a microphone so the opening speech and all announcements can be heard.

Music: We attended one marketplace where one of the dads was a dj and offered to play music- it really was enjoyable.

Pamphlet:  Be sure to use the pamphlet template we provided in your resources, but make it your own.  Change the fonts and add graphics!  Include a map or list of businesses on the inside.

Floor-plan:  Be very thoughtful when you plan how the tables are set up.  You want to force the customers to pass every table to be fair to all the young entrepreneurs.  Use the layouts we provide in the book for best results. Avoid using hallways at all costs.  People naturally tend to try to get through them quickly which is unfair to the children who have been placed there.

TREP$ T-shirts: Students can wear their TREP$ T-shirts to brighten up your TREP$ Marketplace!

TREP$ Aprons: Nothing unifies a Marketplace like TREP$ aprons.  It makes such a difference as you walk around the room and it’s so helpful for the young entrepreneurs.  The aprons have three pockets to help them keep their big bills separate from their small, etc. Most schools collect “rent” for their table space which offsets the $6 apron expense.  The students keep the aprons as a keepsake.

TREP$ Banner: If your school has purchased or earned a TREP$ Banner, be sure to hang it in the entrance way.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, look into it for next year.  (Ask about the TREP$ Facebook Challenge)

Parents:  There are sample welcome speeches included in your materials.  In addition to thanking everyone for their help and attendance, use this opportunity to encourage parents to let their children show them they can do it on their own.  Say something like, “We have amazing parents at this school.  We know you are here to support your children, and the best way to do that is to step out from behind their tables, and go shopping!”  with a smile.

Sold Out Sign:  For those who sell out, offer a “SOLD OUT” sign for them to proudly display.  (see attached in color and black & white)

Kids Shopping:  Students do not leave their tables to shop until the final 15 minutes of the Marketplace, when their parents are asked to man their tables.  This is explained in “Marketplace Matters” (resource 8 in the Marketplace Coordinator Guidebook.)

Chairs behind tables:  Avoid the urge to put chairs behind the tables.  The kids should not be “sitting and relaxing.”  They should be standing and looking for customers to greet.

Bankers:  If you are lucky enough to have a bank sponsor your program, invite them to bring a cash box to make change for the kids as they run low.  It is a huge help and the bankers tend to love keeping busy.  They can also supply youth bank account information for the kids.

Photographer:  If possible ask someone to photograph each child and send in the photos to me for inclusion on our website and on our TREP$ facebook page.

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