Training 10

January 01, 2019

Training 10: Tips for After the Marketplace

Once the Marketplace is over, you can relax and revel in your success.  You helped children become entrepreneurs.  You helped them push themselves to reach an enormous goal and grow into better versions of themselves. You did it.

  1. Thank Everyone.  Consider sending thank you notes to the person who officiated the ribbon cutting, anyone who donated supplies or money, volunteers, or local banks or businesses who got involved.  We have updated “Certificates of Appreciation” available each year.
  2. How will you improve the program at your school? Consider budgeting or “finding funding” for a TREP$ Banner for next year if you haven’t gotten one yet. If you didn’t have aprons or T-shirts for the kids this year, is there a way that you could next year?  Document your plans and decisions, along with your “wish-list,” in your TREP$ manual.
  3. Workshop 6 is explained in the Workshop Facilitator’s guidebook and you do have the option of including a challenge in the workshop or using the time to celebrate.   You should be sure to have each child reflect on what they learned and will do differently with their next venture.  This is very important.  Tell the children that just like them, you are looking for ways to improve; ask them what they think would improve the program.
  4. Certificates of Participation can be completed and distributed at the final workshop or at an awards assembly at the end of the school year.  Those students who chose to donate a portion or all of their profits to a cause they believe in can be recognized with a TREP$ Cares Certificate of Awesomeness.
  5. All students are encouraged to tell their story of entrepreneurial exploration in a submission to the TREP$ on TRACK.  See attached flyer.
  6. Submit your Marketplace photos so that they can be included in your school’s Marketplace album on the TREP$ Facebook page.

If there is a resource you wish we offered, simply reply to this email with your request and we will do our best to create it for you.  We love new ideas.

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