"Kid Millionaire"

October 16, 2018
So you want to be a millionaire? Well, don’t let your age stop you! Read this book for ideas on how to get started at a young age. The focus of “Kid Millionaire” by Matthew Eliot is on helping kids realize that money-making opportunities are all around them. Written for readers ages 8-12, this book delves into all of the different avenues for earning and saving available, even though you may be young. Providing kid-friendly introductions to the topics of part-time employment, small business opportunities, and investing, the scope of “Kid Millionaire” stretches well beyond entrepreneurship.

For TREP$ Kids:  TREP$ kids will love that a good portion of this book deals with technology – from suggestions for web-based businesses to ways to use the most popular social media to grow your business. This is particularly useful for any of our ‘treps who want to continue their businesses after the TREP$ Marketplace.

For TREP$ Leaders:  TREP$ Workshop Facilitators will love the 20+ examples of real-life kid millionaires. Each brief bio comes with a “lesson learned.” They can be used at Workshops for weekly inspiration. Or how about hiding the “lessons learned,” breaking kids into groups to read different success stories, and seeing what lessons they glean from them?

TREP$ is an entrepreneurship program for kids in grades 4-8.  We like to review books that encourage this type of project based learning, enrichment activity.  If your child is entrepreneurial and your school doesn’t offer TREP$ yet, reach out to us so we can make that happen.  Contact pdewaal@trepsed.com  Entrepreneurship education is a great way to teach and practice 21st century skills with kids who like to have fun while they learn.


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