Join Us in Pittsburgh!

August 15, 2018

One of our partner organizations, the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd), is hosting their 2018 EntreEd Forum in Pittsburgh, PA this September.

This is the very same forum that Hayley and I attended way back in 2005, doing research before creating an after-school program for our children’s PTA.  We were so inspired by the educators we met and entrepreneurs we heard speak, that our minds were exploding with ideas.  We wrote down our every thought… and when we returned to beautiful rural NJ, we created what would become TREP$.  Since then, and because of them, we have helped over 25,000 young people start their own businesses in the safe environment of their school.

If you are looking for something to ignite your fire… to get your energy up… to remind you that empowering young people with an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most important ways we can influence their lives for the better… join Hayley and me in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are so honored to speak at this year’s forum, September 28-30, 2018.

Their hands-on conference schedule includes a teacher-driven EdCamp, an educator pitch contest to bring cash back to your classroom, and tons of engaging keynote and breakout speakers in unique areas of education and entrepreneurship. Interested in learning more? Visit today for more information and to register!

Hope to see you there!

“Raising an Entrepreneur”“Kid Millionaire”