Meet Zuri

June 04, 2019

My name is Zuri, and I participated in TREP$ Marketplace at Maywood Avenue School. My product was organic herb seedling starters and duct tape pots made from recycled water bottles. My business was called “Sow n Grow.”

First it was really hard to pick what I wanted to sell and whether to work in a group setting. I decided to work by myself so I could make more profits. I decided to do the herb starters after researching on Pinterest, and that the Marketplace was on the first day of Spring! I looked at what I had at home and I used recycled products (egg cartons, craft paper) and purchased organic soil & seeds. The duct tape pots were fun to create with recycled bottles and colored duct tape.

I had a lot of fun designing my own brand label. I wanted to print stickers but it was too expensive to do that, and I wouldn’t get as much profits if I bought them so I just printed them and glued them on the kits.

The most challenging part was getting everything planted in time and ready for the display. I worked really hard for about a month. The funnest part was actually being in the Marketplace and hearing all the encouragement from the people who were customers. Overall I made $66 and feel really proud of myself and all my hard work!

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