Meet Eliana

June 04, 2019

My name is Eliana and I am in the 4th grade. I am an entrepreneur.

My store name is Banner Boutique. I set up Banner Boutique at the TREP$ Marketplace because I think the pennants or flags I made can be inspiring and creative. I created this because it is fun to make new things. I got inspired by this idea from my Grandma. My aunts and uncles had them growing up too. I chose the names of a lot of my friends and teachers. I also did my friend’s siblings because I thought they would buy them too! The trouble I had was deciding which names to pick to put on the banner. So I decided to take an order book for people to make an order if they wanted, if I did not have their names.

To make my banners I used felt, liquid glue, fabric cutting scissors, and a machine to cut the letters. I didn’t have to go shopping for many supplies because my house is like a craft store and we pretty much had everything. Even the machine to cut out the letters! It’s called a Sizzix machine. I sold 2 sizes of my products. The small banners sold for $1 and the large banners sold for $2.

At the Marketplace I was happy. I had my own business. I got to sell my homemade products. I felt proud at the work I had put into my banners and that they were selling. I was relieved to hear someone say they liked my product! I made $68. I chose to donate the money from the Marketplace. All of the money I made will go to Forward Soccer U.K.. It is a soccer camp that I go to. I’ve been playing soccer for 4 years. I donated it there because I really like to play soccer and this money can go towards tuition for someone else to go to the camp that maybe couldn’t afford it! Then they can really like soccer too!

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