Meet Darla

June 04, 2019

My name is Darla, I am in 5th grade, and I sold a book I wrote called “MAGIC.” I ran this business alone. I wanted to make something interesting and unique. I began to think really hard, until I came up with writing a chapter book. I didn’t want my business name to be too fancy, so I came up with “Darla’s Book Store.”

To start off, I thought of a title and wrote off of that. I grabbed a notebook and wrote out a rough draft. I came across trouble when I was beginning to run out of time and I couldn’t decide on a name for the main character. I finally decided on Avery, as it rhymes with bravery, and my character was very brave. When I finished the draft, I typed it up on the computer.

I ran into trouble when I wanted to print it like a book, because I didn’t want it to be printed by another business. At this point, there were only a few days left until the Marketplace. It was difficult, but I was able to find out how, and after editing it, it was time to print it. I printed many copies and my dad only helped me to staple it together like a book. Next, I designed and drew the front cover, which I scanned and printed as many times as necessary and I added it to the book.

I was worried if my product would sell or not, but thankfully, I sold out! I put my money into the college fund account, and I plan to donate some to the Orthodox Church Charity.

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