Meet Taylor

December 22, 2023

Meet Taylor of Taylor’s Terrific Bracelets!  She is a student at Stillwater Township School in Stillwater, NJ, and we are excited to showcase her business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how Taylor’s smart pricing earned her enough money to spend AND save:

My name is Taylor and I am in 6th grade.  The name of my business for TREP$ was Taylor’s Terrific Bracelets.  I decided to sell bracelets because I had already been making them all summer and my friends really liked them.

My favorite part of the TREP$ classes was learning about how to run a business. At the TREP$ Marketplace, it was fun to see all of my friends and show them what I made.

A new skill that I had to learn was how to figure out the best price for the bracelets. The most challenging part of starting my business was worrying that nobody would buy them. In the end, though, I made a profit of $114.  I put half in savings, and I spent the other half on new clothes.

For students just starting out in TREP$, my advice is to consider taking orders in case you run out of product at the marketplace, as I ran out quickly!


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