Meet Emma

December 20, 2023

Meet Emma of Emma’s Candles!  She is a student at Greenwich Elementary School in Greenwich, NY, and we are excited to showcase her business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how TREP$ helped Emma learn new skills:

My name is Emma and I am in 5th grade.  The name of my business for TREP$ is Emma’s Candles.  I decided to make candles in tins and wax melts because I wanted to learn a new skill.

To make my product, I had to learn the entire process of candle-making.  This included learning to use the oven and a thermometer.  The most challenging part of making my product was pouring the wax safely and accurately.  It was important to measure how much wax was needed without wasting any.

During the TREP$ classes leading up to the marketplace, I enjoyed seeing the other kids’ ideas.  I also loved that the leader was my favorite teacher from 4th grade! At the TREP$ Marketplace, I enjoyed talking to customers and selling to my friends.

After paying back the money my parents loaned to me, I did make a profit. I would like to save some of it, but I would also like to be able to buy Christmas presents for friends and family for the first time with my own money.

For students just starting out in TREP$, I have two pieces of advice.  Realize that it can take a long time to make a decent amount of money.  Also, when you are figuring out what you are going to make to sell, make sure it is something that you enjoy doing!


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