Meet Suriana

November 14, 2019

It’s really great that they brought TREP$ to my school, Sandshore Elementary. I really enjoyed learning how to be an entrepreneur and making a new product. For my business I learned how to make candles and how to develop my own fragrance for the candles. I was able to create the business name, the product and learn how to market it as well.

My mother taught me how to make candles from scratch. She taught me how to choose a wax, how to pick a fragrance and then she showed me how to make a fragrance. I love fairies and I wanted my product to have fairies in the name. So I came up with Fairy Kisses. This was my first candle idea. Then my mom suggested doing a whole candle line where I could create more than one scent. That’s when I thought of Fairy Wings & Fairy Garden. I then decided to name the business Fairy Fragrances. I’m really excited about my new scent that will come out this summer called Fairy Dust. It smells like cotton candy. I didn’t want to stop at the TREP$ Marketplace. I’ve decided to open a store on Etsy to continue growing my business: CandlesPouredWithLuv.

I will donate a portion of my profits to Alagille’s Syndrome research. In 2015, I received a liver transplant that helped saved my life. Donations to this research will help the doctors at NY Presbyterian – Columbia Children’s Hospital to further their research, bring greater awareness to this rare disease and help more children like me. You’re program has opened up a whole new world to me and for that I am very grateful!

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