Meet Logan and Kacper

December 17, 2019

Our names are Logan and Kacper.  We participated in the TREP$ program at Sandshore School in Budd Lake, NJ.  We are both in 5th grade. Our product was scented layered crayon candles. Our business name was called K & L Candles.

At first, it was hard to decide on a product as we had no idea.  One day Kacper said, “How about we make candles out of crayons?”  He was kind of kidding but I really liked the idea and so our product was born. When we started making the candles it was difficult.  In the beginning, we tried many different ways to melt the crayons and none of them worked.  We then watched a video on you tube that inspired us and helped us along.  Each candle took a long time to make because you have to wait for each layer to dry before pouring on the next layer.  So, we learned a lot about time management.  Both of us play sports so we had to find days and times we could both work together to get the candles done.

Choosing the colors for our candles was both fun and also difficult at the same time.  We wanted to be creative with colors but we also knew the tones should somehow match the scents.  So in the end we decided on 4 scents with coordinating colors.  Lavender scented candles were purple shades, Orange scented candles were orange shades, Strawberry scented candles were pink, red and green shades and finally Ocean scented candles were shades of blue and white.

It was thrilling when it was time for the marketplace.  We were both scared and excited.  We ended up selling out of our product and taking orders for more.  Our business was a success.

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