Meet Sabrina

June 04, 2019

My TREP$ product was little packets of seeds that will hopefully help improve the bee population. I made 40 bags, and at the end of TREP$ I had 8 left. I came up with my idea when we were going for a walk me and my mom noticed that there were not many bees. We also saw some bat houses. When we got home we did some research and found out that bags of seeds for the bees was cheaper than bat houses and there would be less labor. I give thanks to Glenwild Garden Center, and Gooserock Farms for giving me information.

We had a lot of trouble making our product. We bought cloth bags, seeds, and pots. The seeds had to be measured out and folded into paper to stop them from escaping. We had to get many different types of seeds since we had a Honey Bee mix and a Pollinator mix. Annoyingly we actually made my product only a couple days before the Marketplace. We had to print and cut the tags and also measure the seeds into the bags. One hard struggle I faced were the tags. We had to type up all the types of seeds in the mix and figure out how to make the tags double sided. After we printed it we found out that the tags were wonky. We could not fix it so the tags were very sloppy. We also had trouble making these little Pom Poms bumble bees. And yet another struggle was pricing, everyone might think that the amount of seeds were small, even though it was almost triple the amount in a regular seed packet, so I was worried to set the price too high. We finally made our prices the day before the Marketplace. The price for a seed packet was $4.00, if you bought a seed packet and a brown pot it was $6.00, if you bought a seed packet with clay pot and pom pom bee, it was $12.00.

At the Marketplace I was super excited. Lucky for me, I was right next to a very popular stand, so I got a lot of customers. Lots just wanted to see what I was selling, and that did not disappoint me at all. Most of them came back. Believe it or not, my most expensive product sold out first. ( ​I think was the pom poms!)

I made $214 but my final profit was $63. I might just do TREP$ again next year!!

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