Meet Olivia

December 11, 2023

Meet Olivia of Beads and Buttons!  She is a student at Greenwich Elementary School in Greenwich, NY, and we are excited to showcase her business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how TREP$ helped Olivia to make good financial decisions:

My name is Olivia and I am in 6th grade.  The name of my business for TREP$ is Beads and Buttons.  I decided to make ornaments because they are really special to me, and I wanted to make something special for other people.

The thing I have enjoyed about TREP$ so far is coming up with the ornament designs. This was also the most challenging part. But I feel very prepared for the TREP$ Marketplace.  I have experience from last year, I have a good product, and my teachers have helped all of us learn a lot.

In order to set my prices, I figured out the cost to make each ornament.  Then I compared prices for similar items on Etsy.  I rounded the number up to the nearest whole dollar amount to make easier transactions.  After the marketplace, I plan on using some of my profit to buy Christmas presents and the rest will be for savings.

For students just starting out in TREP$, I have two pieces of advice.  Make what you want to make, not what other people want you to make.  Also, do a lot of research on your product idea.

All in all, TREP$ has made me think about my future.  I have learned to make good decisions with my money!


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