Meet Ian and Callen

December 20, 2023

Meet Ian and Callen of Jibbitz!  They are students at Bragg School in Chester, NJ, and we are excited to showcase their business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how TREP$ helped Ian and Callen give back to a cause that is important to them:

We are Ian and Callen and we are in 5th grade.  The name of our business for TREP$ was Jibbitz.  We decided to sell charms for Crocs because they are popular.  We had some local sports team charms that you can’t find online.

Being partners was not hard.  It was easy to get along.  We worked well together and had common ideas because we are friends.  Since we had decided to donate all $140 of our profits to our local swim team at the West Morris Area YMCA, we never had to divide the money.

There were a few challenges along the way.  During production, it was hard putting the glue on the buckles, since they were so small.  At the marketplace, it was challenging to talk to the customers because we didn’t want to say the wrong thing and lose the sale.

Some lessons we learned are: 1) Starting a business takes patience and 2) Remember to always be charitable.  Even a small act of kindness can be kind of a big deal!



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