Meet Dylan

November 14, 2019

My Name is Dylan. When I heard about TREP$ I knew I had to join.

I wanted to learn more and make a product. Then as I attended the classes, I realized that there were more steps to being an entrepreneur than I had realized, but I pushed on.

When making the decision on what to make my mom gave the suggestion of doing birdhouses like the ones my dad made. She told me how when people saw the birdhouses they wanted them. First, I was hesitant but then I went for it.

My dad and I discussed how many I wanted to make, got the supplies, got set up and my dad started cutting the pieces for me. Once that was done my dad made a drill template and showed me what to do to put them together. Then I was on my own. I got right to work but realized I needed some extra hands/help from my family. They were all happy to lend a hand building my birdhouses. A few weeks later we stained 6, clear coated 5, and left 4 plain.

Coming up with a name was another challenge but after many discussions with my family the perfect business name was announced. “Feathered Haven” It was perfect for my product and for advertising.

The night before the TREP$ Marketplace I came up with the idea of doing a military discount. My grandfathers where both Veterans and I know how they gave so much for us so I wanted to give back to all military service people in honor of them.

Once it came to the Marketplace I was so excited. I set up all of my signs and got as many bird houses as I could on display. I set up my video of me showing how I built the bird houses and made the last finishing touches at my table. Then I was in business. When it had been a while, and I hadn’t sold any except one to another entrepreneur, I made a business decision to lower my price. I was happy that I started selling. I had a profitable night and am still selling.

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