Meet Bethany

November 14, 2019

This was my first year joining the TREP$ program and I really enjoyed it.

My business partner and I wanted to sell something that was unique. After taking some time to think, we finally agreed on
selling hand scrubs. After we decided what to sell, my business partner and I got together, and went online to look for recipes. The recipe I chose was simple and needed only few ingredients, while my partner’s was more complex. My recipe contained essential oil, sugar, and baby oil. My partners recipe contained aloe vera, coconut oil, essential oil, and sugar. In the end, we made one batch together using the recipe that my partner picked out. The other four batches were made separately using my recipe.

About a week later – once all the scrubs were made – we got together to decorate the containers. We put the scents of the scrubs on the lids and on the front of the jar, we put our logo. We also tied ribbon and a scoop around the jar. Once everything was completed, we gathered the materials needed for the Marketplace, put them in the box, and got a goodnight’s sleep because the TREP$ Marketplace was going to take place tomorrow.

We made forty scrubs which came in a variety of scents such as, mango, mint, lemon, lavender, and orange. We created our business name by thinking of something that’ll give our customers happy thoughts. We named our business Sunny Scrubs. We had different ideas, so we struggled when it came to making decisions. Since my partner and I didn’t work very well together, next year I would want to work alone.

Even though there were some obstacles, I enjoyed selling my product and it felt great to be able to stand at my table working with our customers. My partner used her money to buy a guinea pig, and I used my money to get a manicure. I put the remaining money in the bank. I overall enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to join next year!

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