Meet Andrew

January 11, 2024

Meet Andrew of Scented!  He is a student at Pearl R. Miller Middle School in Kinnelon, NJ, and we are excited to showcase his business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how Andrew’s participation in TREP$ helped him practice his public speaking skills:

My name is Andrew and my business’ name is Scented. I sell mainly soap, as well as other scented products such as lip balms. I chose to make and sell soap because I wanted to make a better looking and better smelling product than other companies.

Something I had to learn and improve were my public speaking skills to sell my products and get people to look at and smell my products at the marketplace.

The most challenging part of my business for me was making my products. The biggest lesson that I have learned from TREP$ is to not wait until the last minute to do what I need to do.

The part I most enjoyed about TREP$ was looking at all my products and being proud of them. I made a profit from the TREP$ Marketplace and I intend to save my profit instead of spending it all.

My advice for anyone planning on starting a business is to start early and account for your costs before you are planning to sell. The decision I was most proud of was deciding to do TREP$ in the first place.


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