Rae's F'Rae'grances

December 01, 2018

My name is Rachel but my friends call me “Rae.”  I’m in the 8th grade and I didn’t participate in TREP$ last year so this was my first time.  I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up but I know that the students who participated last year had a great time and it motivated me to try it.

I chose my product based on a couple of factors. I wanted to sell a product with which I was familiar. I have sensitive skin and can only use all-natural skin products.  I can’t use soaps or detergents with artificial fragrances or ingredients and I know that’s also true for many others.  I’ve made soap in the past, as a hobby, so I knew that the “manufacturing” would be relatively simple. We already grow lavender, mint, rosemary and lemongrass in our garden so I knew I could include natural fragrances and ingredients at no additional cost.  What few items I did need to purchase, I ordered from the internet and bought in bulk.

I re-used wooden flower boxes as display containers and made Mother’s Day gift baskets out of extra baskets we had in the house and even used some of my Dad’s empty cigar boxes to make gift boxes –with masculine scents for men — for upcoming Father’s Day.  I invited everyone I know to attend the fair and hoped they’d like my soaps and purchase some.  They did!  I was “sold out” by 5:45 and had an hour to visit my friends’ stores and buy from some of them, too!

I don’t think retail is in my future but I thought the lessons in marketing, manufacturing,  inventory, merchandising and customer service were very interesting.  It’s very different being on the other side of the sales counter.

I had so much fun and I’m really glad I participated.  Thank you for the opportunity.

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