Psst! 5 Ways to Create "Buzz"

August 07, 2019

When you are launching a new business, you want everyone to be psst-ing about your product.  But getting people —  especially the right people — talking isn’t always that easy.  Here are some tips on how to create a “buzz” around your business.  These tips are designed for students participating in TREP$, the project-based learning (PBL) enrichment program where kids in grades 4-8 are learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, but they can apply to any marketing campaign:

  1.  Connect with your target market.  Where and how is the best way to reach them?  In the school cafeteria?  In the local grocery store?
  2.  Make sure your message is relevant AND authentic.  Keep it REAL. Nothing turns people off more than false advertising.
  3.  With a parent’s help, get active on social media BEFORE the TREP$ Marketplace.  Instagram, Twitter, and community groups on Facebook  are all great options.
  4.  Find influencers (kids or parents – depending on your product!) who can publicly use and praise your product. Selling jewelry?  Have trend-setting students wear your designs to build up the excitement for your product!
  5.  Think outside the box.  EVERYONE will have a print ad hanging in your school.  How else can you capture potential customers’ attention?  Are there local businesses that would be willing to help you promote your business?

As always, these decisions are yours to make.  But try something, and who knows?  Maybe it will just get people buzzing.


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