Meet Veronica

May 06, 2022

My name is Veronica, and I am a fifth grader at Sandshore Elementary School. I am the proud owner and CEO of my product, Wild Cards. Wild Cards are notecards for all occasions. I chose to create notecards because my mom always had me write thank you cards for people that did something nice for me. I write a lot of cards every year and felt it was a great way to communicate with others.

My TREP$ experience was great! The classes taught me a lot about being a business owner and my teachers made the classes fun. We met before school started each Monday for a month! The teachers were helpful to me because they taught me to research all of my options and showed me the steps to be a successful business owner. They also taught me how to properly manage our money.

Once I decided on making notecards, I had to shop around and find where I could buy a lot of cards for less then I had to decide how I would decorate them. Through few trials and errors, I would end up gluing shapes, stickers and homemade ‘pop-ups’ which looked best. After the glue dried, I packaged them in baggies to sell.

One of our TREP$ classes invited in parents and teachers to pitch our product and ask what they would be willing to spend. I settled on five cards for three dollars even though I really wanted to sell them for five for five.

I knew early in the process that I wanted to donate my proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This was important to me because my grandmother donates to them and I felt it was critical that I not only give back and help others but help children and families.

Being a small business owner was a fun way to meet customers and provide smiles to others. I set up my table with my business sign, a tablecloth, an announcement that my proceeds would benefit St. Jude’s and displayed my cards and price. I can’t believe I sold out in 40 minutes! I was so happy and proud that I raised money for a good cause. So many people wanted my product that I’m still creating more cards.

I’ve been inspired by TREP$ because it is similar to my favorite show Shark Tank. This experience made me feel like I could be on the show someday. I’m ready for them!

I enjoyed seeing all the customers smiling faces and wanting to buy my product. I felt this experience was a positive and successful one…not only for me but for the children at St. Jude’s.

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