Meet Sam

April 12, 2019

My experience during TREP$ was very eye-opening and I learned a lot in terms of running a business. My name is Sam and I am co-owner of OkurSlimes. I created this company with the help of my two friends a while before TREP$ started but REP$ was the boost we needed to reach more customers and spread the word about our company.

During TREP$ I underestimated the amount of slimes I should have brought and we sold out in the first hour. Since we sold out, we decided to start a list so people could pre-order slime from our next batch. Being there was a learning experience because I got feedback about what my customers liked and what they would like to see in the future.  This information will help me grow in the future.

TREP$ taught me multiple lessons, one being that packaging is very important. There was another person selling slime but I got more sales and people told me that it may have been due to my packaging, labels and the overall look of my product. We became more known and our company instagram account reached 300 followers. All my profits are going back into the company to help build a website, to help with shipping and to buy more supplies to produce more slime for future sales.

This experience taught me that it is best to be over prepared because it is better to have some left over product then none at all. All in all, TREP$ was an amazing learning experience. It showed me what it takes to be a real entrepreneur and it taught me new skills that I can apply. I look forward to joining the next Marketplace.

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