Meet Libby, of "Libby's Green Thumb"

March 20, 2016

My name is Libby, and I’m in fifth grade at Chester M. Stephens Elementary School in Mount Olive, NJ. I was really excited to join TREP$. I knew what I was going to make from the start. Water bottles have been polluting the world. I like plants, animals, and nature, so it came to me that I could reuse water bottles to plant herbs for cooking.

My business was called Libby’s Green Thumb. To me, my creation looked like a thumb that’s green, so that’s how the name was born. I got straight to work planting tarragon seeds to sell. I also made kits that had a water bottle filled with soil, an envelope of seeds, and directions for planting. I worked hard preparing for the marketplace. When I was done, I was proud of what I had made.

At the TREP$ Marketplace, I set up my environmental stand, and I sold all 55 herbs, which included parsley, chives, sweet basil, cilantro, thyme, and tarragon. I was so happy I sold out so lots of people can enjoy fresh herbs. Maybe they will try to recycle water bottles themselves. I sold the herbs for $2.00 each. I made $101 dollars to spend on books. I am so happy I joined TREP$! It was an experience I’ll never forget!

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