Meet Marcella, of "Ozen Designs"

March 20, 2016

My name is Marcella and I am in seventh grade. I am owner of Ozen Designs, primarily an earring jewelry company. I recently have branched out into making necklaces and bracelets in sets to match with the earrings.

I first started making earrings at my sleep-away camp at which my mother sent me a letter regarding the old boxes of beads she had found in her art studio attic and whether I would be interested in learning how to make earrings. I quickly responded that I had just learned how to. When I got home my mom surprised me with twelve boxes of beads and a few lessons to expand my knowledge and experience with earring making. My mom originally had Ozen Designs when she was in high school and college. My grandmother is also in the jewelry business as she has a jewelry and engraving store. She bought me a second pair of pliers as well as some clip-on hooks for those without pierced ears and some extra beads.

For a while I created a few pairs a day due to time restraints, but after I had multiple boards filled I didn’t know what to do with the earrings. I could not wear them as my ears aren’t pierced so I began to give them away to family members and friends. They all suggested I should sell them so when the TREP$ marketplace came around, I joined the program. I have since been creating my designs for peoples’ ears, or ‘ozen’ in Hebrew. I am now selling earrings from my business at street fairs and on the side of the road like a lemonade stand as well as at the TREP$ Marketplace.

Making earrings is a way for me to connect with my mother as well as a way to relieve stress or express myself through bending wires. I make earrings using my favorite pliers that my mom used that I have named red hot because they have bright red grips on the handles. I am trying to develop my business and show at more market places in other towns as well as make a “design your own earrings” option, but I’m still trying to work out the details for this idea.

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