Meet Jordan of "Crayon Lipsticks"

March 20, 2016

My name is Jordan and I am in 6th grade. Last year, when I heard about TREP$, I was super excited. I loved to use different types of accessories. I decided to make scarves and bobby pin earrings and necklaces out of bobby pins.
It was a lot of work but I loved that my idea was original.

This year, my interest in make-up was sparked. Well, it was not until I learned that some make up brands test on animals. This means that they injure and or kill animals just to see if their products are safe for humans. This really made me so sad. I then looked up on YouTube how to make your own make up. That is when I saw, “How to make crayon lipstick”.

I immediately started making the lipsticks and using them for myself. I then thought, that is what I will make for TREP$ this year. My mom helped me melt the crayons, mix the coconut or shea butter and pour the lipsticks into the tubes.
I asked my friends what colors would they like as lipsticks. This helped me choose the crayon colors by looking at the 64 selection box.

At the TREP$ Marketplace, my prices ranged from $2.00 dollars to $3.00. I had three selections for the lipsticks, chap-stick tint, pot tints and double case tint. All the color were easy to see because containers were clear. The double case tints was a contact case in which I used a different color for each well. I was able to sell out all my chapsticks and all of the contact case lip wells. I am so happy I was able to participate in the TREP$ Marketplace.

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