Meet Dominique and Emily of "Georgia's Treats"

March 20, 2016

My name is Dominique and I am in the 5th grade. I was excited to be working with my friend Emily on this project. This was my first time doing TREP$ and selling at the Marketplace and I thought it was really fun. Emily and I decided to make homemade healthy dog treats. This was fun because we got to include Emily’s dog Georgia in our business and the name of our business was “Georgia’s Treats”.

We used a recipe and to make the treats and then used cookie cutters of dog bone, a dog, a heart, and a crown for the shapes. Then we used a brown lunch bag and some ribbon with a label to package our product. We charged $2.00 for the Peanut Butter treats and $3.00 for the Cinnamon. Together we made a profit of $80.00

I learned about paying for the ingredients and all the things we used to make the treats before I could make a profit. I also learned you need a sign to catch people’s attention. I had the most fun creating our business and working out the details and ideas. I was glad to be in the TREP$ Marketplace because I was able to work with my friend, have fun and learn to start a business.

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