Meet Gavin

June 08, 2020

My company is called “Cigar Box Creations”.  The idea was inspired by my Uncle Keith. I spent a day learning how to make my product which was bird houses and clocks made out of recycled cigar boxes. My dad helped with using the drill and saw. My mom drove me to the cigar shops.  Rich at JR Cigars in Paramus was very generous with cigar box donations and even made some suggestions.

I decided to partner with Liam because one day at a TREP$ meeting he asked to work together. This taught me a lot about working with a partner.  You have to remember that when you work with someone else they might have a different working style than you. The work should be divided equally among each other. This was the biggest challenge I faced.

My product was appealing to the grown ups, but it was mostly kids at the marketplace. If I made a product that was appealing to little kids like a stress ball or slime, I probably would sell more quantity of products.    Though, the profits wouldn’t have been what we made on our cigar box creations. The business was still very successful.  We sold out of all the clocks and most of the birdhouses generating $180 in profit split between myself and Liam.

I think my experience with TREP$ was very positive.  I feel more confident to sell things in front of big crowds.  I also learned the importance of developing a relationship with the cigar shop to secure the boxes I needed.  At first it was difficult to ask for the boxes, but I learned how to explain my business to the employees and each time I went I felt more confident.  I am looking forward to selling again in the Marketplace.

Note: Gavin participated in the TREP$ entrepreneurship education program as enrichment,  right at school. This extracurricular activity is a PBL (project based learning) experience that helps kids gain an entrepreneurial mindset, financial literacy and life skills to prepare them for and improve their futures.

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