Meet Franco

August 05, 2019

What item will I choose to sell? How will I find time to make all of my products? Are they priced too high? Are they priced too low? Will people even like my product? These are all questions that I had throughout the TREP$ process. But they are all questions that I got answers to thanks to my advisors at school and from my family at home.

My name is Franco, and I am a fifth grade student at Winston S. Churchill School in Fairfield, NJ. I am the founder and CEO of Franco’s Two-Seam Fastball, and I have TREP$ to thank for such an amazing experience.

This was the first year that my school was doing this program, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into when I joined. I knew that I would have a lot of time management to figure out. My school work and my baseball practice schedule had me pretty booked, but I knew that it sounded like fun.

When I had to figure out my product, I knew I wanted to do something sports related. I also knew that baseball season would be in full swing very soon, so that would appeal to many of my friends in school. My family and I searched up many ideas online and came across baseball lace bracelets and immediately knew that this was it!

To make the bracelets, I purchased new baseballs, as well as used old ones. I wanted to give my customers choices. I had to cut the leather around the laces first to remove that part from the ball. Each ball made enough for two bracelets. I then had to put the laces in hot water for an hour or two. This got the leather to be a bit more flexible, and I could stretch the laces out easier. After having them stretch on a board for three days, I unlaced each end of the leather, cut off the excess leather, and tied the hanging laces into two knots. I left the bracelets open so the customers could tie them to fit their wrists.

I designed fliers and handed them out in school a few days before the Marketplace. I also enlisted the help of my cousin and little brother to advertise and get customers to visit my stand. All this work paid off! I sold out of the my product at the end of the night and even had some orders to fulfill when I got home.

I really enjoyed the whole process. I liked having weekly meetings with my teachers and friends. I liked making an assembly line in my kitchen with my family. I liked selling the bracelets at the TREP$ Marketplace. I would definitely do this again. I was even thinking of making keychains out of the remaining parts of the ball. TREP$ opened my eyes to many business opportunities, and I am grateful to have taken part in this program.

Note: Franco participated in the TREP$ entrepreneurship education program as after-school enrichment,  right at school. This extracurricular activity is a PBL (project based learning) experience that helps kids gain an entrepreneurial mindset, financial literacy and life skills to prepare them for and improve their futures.

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