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April 12, 2019

Flash Drive Keys?

To sell items in TREP$ Marketplace, you first need a company name. I named my company Dragon Slayer Arts, honestly, because I thought it sounded cool.  For TREP$, I decided that I didn’t want to do something that everyone else has already done. I had done TREP$ before, so I know what is mainly sold during the Marketplace. My dad and I were digging through the internet, and found these flash drives that were shaped like keys. The idea of having a USB flash drive on your keychain seemed cool to me.  Also, they were inexpensive when you buy them in bulk, so I could make a good profit. I chose to make them unique by adding a layer of swirled nail polish to most of the keys, while leaving some plain, in case some people did not want such a colorful product.

Within the first 20 minutes of the market place starting, I had sold 7 out of 25.   I was fairly certain at that rate I would sellout of product. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up selling out; but I did sell all but three keys.

After I paid all of my debts off, I would have the rest of the profits to myself. This is only because I chose to do this alone. If I did this with someone else involved, I would have had to split the profit in half; meaning my $110 profit would have been $55 instead. I will give a portion to charity, but I’m not sure which I will choose yet; probably something to do with animals.

Anyhow, I encourage you to chase your dreams, and if you are skeptical about your product, go and follow through with it. Honestly in the TREP$ Marketplace anything can happen.

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