Meet Anabel

September 23, 2019

When I first registered for TREP$, I felt confident.  I thought it was going to be easy. But when they actually asked me to bring in my product, I didn’t have anything to present. I realized that I needed to start making my product, and this wouldn’t be easy.

I decided my product would be a book because I like to write stories. I started by opening a new Google doc. I had my idea ready and started writing. I chose to write about an archer and the title of my book was, “The Archer’s Story.”  I finished writing in two weeks.

My dad used this Microsoft Publisher that helped us visualize and edit my book. It also helped us print the sheets of paper in order, so all I had to do was fold, and staple the book. Then, I started to make signs and flyers. My dad brought stuff home from work to help me stand my books. Then came the Marketplace.

I set up my table and put my books on a small display. I felt nervous and excited. I didn’t know if anyone would actually buy my product. When people started shopping, they kept passing by my stand. That made me a little disappointed, but I still smiled and waved as people walked by. I had a couple of customers and made a good amount of money.

Throughout this experience, I learned how to come up with a product, market the product, start a business and how to handle money. The next time I participate in TREP$, I will start my product early, and be more prepared.

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