Maze for Dayz

December 10, 2018

My name is Shawn and I’m an eleven years old 5th grader at Chester M Stephens in Budd Lake, NJ. My company name is Maze for Dayz which is a play on word. My goal was to create a product which students can play during indoor recess.

I came up with the idea of mazes out of cardboard so it is easy to carry around. I made a pro to type but not much people were interested in it. Then I made it more appealing to my customers by using washi tape and craft smith paper. I was able to get more people interested in the product and it did not increase the cost to make the product. Since I was using recycled cardboard it was difficult to find some. I asked my old neighbor who owns a dollar store and my mom’s friend who works at a pharmacy. This taught me how to be resourceful.

I sold my mazes from $8 to $10 each depending on the size and sold out. It was hard to predict how much to make and how much people will come to my table so I decided to raffle out a big marble. I learned a lot from TREP$. I did not know how much work it is to sell a product. I learned it is important to do some market research to see if people are interested in your product before TREP$. I made at least $100 after I sold out. I’m going to save my profit just in case in the future I want to start a business. TREP$ was so fun- I would want to do it again!

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