Bobby's Pet Schnax

December 10, 2018

My name is Bobby and I am in the 7th grade.  I took part in Our Lady of the Lake’s annual TREP$ Marketplace.  My business’ name was “Bobby’s Pet Schnax”.   I sold home-made all-natural dog and cat treats.  I came up with the idea for my business from my love of animals.  Since I was very little, I have always loved dogs and cats, especially our dog, Snickers.

Along the way, I had different challenges with the business.  For example, I had to determine how many treats to make and decide which types of treats to prepare.  We also had to find what worked best with preparing and storing treats in advance.  Another challenge was figuring out how to price the treats.  Making the treats was the easiest part.  We did research on-line and found many different animal treat recipes. We also tested out some of the recipes and had gave some treats to our neighbors animals to sample.

At the TREP$ Marketplace, we sold out of the peanut butter bones first.  I learned that some products will sell better than others.  For example, our peanut butter and cheddar bones were popular but the healthy fresh breath bones did not sell as well.  I did receive a lot of good feedback about my treats and how much their pets liked them.  In all, I really liked the TREP$ experience and hope to use the feedback and experience this year to improve the “Bobby’s Pet Schnax” business and sell my treats again at TREP$ next year!

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