Just Relax Stress Balls

March 14, 2019

Our names are James and Ryan.  We are in the fifth grade at Riker Hill Elementary. Our company’s name is Just Relax Stress Balls.

Our goal was to sell a product that all of our friends would love.  At first we decided on origami, but it was taking way too long to make them.  A lot of our friends have squishies, stress balls and orbeez and like to play with slime. So we decided to make stress balls.

Our stress balls are made out of balloons and orbeez. We had many different types of balloons and different sized orbeez.  We had regular balloons, clear balloons, and marble balloons. We had small, medium, and large orbeez. We even had some jumbo orbeez but it was hard to get in the balloons.

We made about 60 of them. We originally wanted to make 100 but it took us a lot longer than we thought. We sold them for $3 or two for $5.

We made $144.50. We decided to donate some of the money to charity (The American Cancer Society) and split the rest. The Marketplace felt scary at first with all the people, but once it got going, it felt welcoming. Everyone loved our product. We sold out all of our stress balls and it felt amazing. We left the TREP$ Marketplace already brainstorming our next invention and we are excited for future businesses.

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