Adopt- A- Flower

February 03, 2019

My name is Kaitlynn and I am a 10 year old, fifth grader at Washington Elementary School in Summit, New Jersey.  This was my first time participating in the TREP$ program and I really enjoyed it!

I love butterflies!  I am upset that the Monarch Butterfly is on the endangered species list because their habitats are dying due to climate change, pesticides and pollution.  When the TREP$ program was introduced to my class, I thought that maybe I could help the butterflies by planting flowers.

My mom and I talked about my many flower ideas.  I decided to sell flower pots with butterfly attracting wildflower seeds in them.  New wildflowers will create new habitats for the Monarchs when they migrate through New Jersey.  I found the non-GMO, special wildflower seeds and biodegradable flower pots online. I still needed the perfect name for my product, though.  One day at recess, I was excitedly telling my friend that my little cousin was going to become a permanent member of my family. She came to live with my Aunt as a foster child and now they will have each other to love forever.  My friend and I smiled at each other – that was it. Adopt-a-Flower was born! I placed the organic potting soil into each biodegradable flower pot then added butterfly attracting seeds. My mom donated some of her wrapping supplies.  I wrapped each flower pot with white tissue paper, tied each with a yellow ribbon and added a simple, peach colored Adopt-a-Flower label to complete my packaging.

My product, all 50 Adopt-a-Flower flower pots, SOLD OUT!   My class decided as group to donate half of our proceeds to several different charities, one of which is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I am so happy that the sale of my product will help the Monarchs and children!

All of my customers were instructed to plant their Adopt-a-Flower flower pot as soon as possible in a sunny place in their yard.  I hope to see lots of new wildflowers in Summit!

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