Sewing with Smiles

January 19, 2019

Sewing With Smiles:  Zipper Pouches!

By Riley and Grace

My name is Riley, and my name is Grace. We are in 5th Grade at Hillview Elementary School, in Pequannock Township, NJ. We have had a terrific experience participating in TREP$. We learned a lot from our teachers about how to sell our product and be successful!

For our TREP$ project we decided to sew handmade zipper pouches. We came up with this idea because we both love to sew, on our sewing machines. We knew this was a very useful product, for kids and adults and they would be very attracting to customers!

We made three different size pouches for different prices depending on their size. We made 35 zipper pouches, and we had a lot of customers that bought and loved our product! When people came up to our table, we explained what you can hold in our pouches and why they are useful for everyone. In the end we sold out of pouches and have quite a few orders to make and deliver to happy customers! We love to see people in town use our pouches, because it shows how useful and helpful our product is!

We also created a donation box for Quilting for a Cause that is in Pequannock NJ. The money that was raised went to buying supplies to help make and create quilts. People from the community come and sew quilts and they are all given to the homeless, so they can stay warm!

TREP$ taught us the importance of creating a product, selling it and having a whole lot of fun!

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