Meet Wyatt

March 23, 2024

Meet Wyatt of Wyatt’s Wonderful Wreaths!  He is a student at Stillwater School in Stillwater, NJ, and we are excited to showcase his business in the TREP$ Student Spotlight.  Read more to learn how Wyatt’s participation in TREP$ helped him give back to his community:

My name is Wyatt and my business’ name is Wyatt’s Wonderful Wreaths. I made wooden wreaths because I felt it was a unique product that people would enjoy.

Being a small business owner was fun, and I learned responsibility.  At the marketplace, I enjoyed seeing all of the interest in my wreaths and seeing how quickly they sold.  One thing I learned was that I could have priced my wreaths for more money and made a higher profit.

I do plan on continuing my business, since I had a ton of interest from people who were not able to attend the TREP$ Marketplace.  I am currently working on making more wreaths and looking into selling at craft fairs.

With the money I made, I plan on using some of it to buy products needed for a local non-profit in my community called Benny’s Bodega.  It feels good to be able to help those in need.


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