Meet Timmy of "Timmy's Treasures"

March 20, 2016

My name is Timmy, owner of Timmy’s Treasures. I’m nine years old and my company sells handmade necklaces and lucky Spartan gems. I was very excited to participate in TREP$ in fourth grade and I started thinking about what to sell before the workshops even started.

During the workshops, I learned some things about how businesses work, about how to plan different parts and, most importantly, how to greet and say thank you to get your customers to come back. We learned how to choose a price and how to make more than what we paid so we don’t just break even. The workshops were fun, but the best part was the marketplace where we got to buy and sell items.

I got the idea for my products by looking at what other people made online. It had to be something that would be cool for boys, girls and adults, too. I also had to make sure the materials weren’t too expensive. Once I chose some cool items to make, I had to buy the materials, make the products and then get ready to sell them. The day of the TREP$ Marketplace, I had to decorate and make my store look good so people would want to visit my table.

Before the Marketplace, we made advertisements and I even went on the radio with my friend, Will, and our principal, Mr. Cameron, to tell people about how hard we were working on our business plans and the products and services we were going to sell.

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