Meet Michael of "Suds of Fun"

March 20, 2016

When I saw a TREP$ Kick Off video during class, I was determined to make something and sell it at the TREP$ Marketplace! The only thing was… I didn’t know what to do.

After some thinking I got an idea of making soaps for kids. Basically the soaps have something inside of them like dinosaurs, rubber ducks, or Lego mini figures. I knew that parents want kids to wash so I thought why not make it fun to wash! So I bought some big blocks of glycerin soap, melted it down, added color and fragrance and poured it into molds. I added the figures, let the soap cool and you have fun soaps! My brother tried the soaps and he said they were great and smelled good too. “That’s just what I wanted to hear” I said. I made a lot more soaps that night.

The night of the TREP$ Marketplace was nerve wracking. I was thinking how would I greet the customer? Would I sell out? Or would I sell any at all? Once it started everyone was buying my product. One by one they were going and fast! I saw a lot of my teachers and friends. I was having a blast that night and it went by so fast. At the end of the night I completely sold out of 50 soaps, and made a profit of $80! I am looking forward to TREP$ next year. I have a feeling that I’m going to have great time again making more soaps and learning how to run a business.

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