Meet McKenna

September 23, 2019

I am McKenna, and I am eleven years old. I love dogs and that is what inspired my idea to have a dog-themed stand that I called, Bow Wow Boutique. I highly suggest doing TREPS because it is a lot of fun and you learn a lot about money-making and yourself. I also suggest going with your gut and doing what you want to do. Not what your mom or dad wants you to do, your friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles or anybody in between wants you to do. I think this will lead you to a better idea because it is what you want and you then have the ability to make it your own and one of a kind!

At my TREPS stand, I noticed a few money making hacks for you. First, get the customer interested in your product before telling the price, because if they are already in love with it, how can they just put it down? Then, speed matters. If you take a long time to get things boxed or bagged and take forever, the customer may just leave.

Now, let’s get to my story. It started when I was little.  I had always wanted to sell something or be in with customers. So when I learned that our school did TREPS, I was overjoyed! Once we got started, I got my brain thinking, “How can I make something amazing AND do something that I am motivated to do?” Then, it hit me, I could do a dog theme. Next, after lots of prep and hard work, it was time for the Marketplace! The customers kept me on my toes, but I pulled through and using the tips I listed above, did well! I did not make as much as I thought, but I had very high hopes for a small stand. So all in all, I was happy with the outcome!


Note: McKenna participated in the TREP$ entrepreneurship education program as after-school enrichment, right at school. This extracurricular activity is a PBL (project based learning) experience that helps kids gain an entrepreneurial mindset, financial literacy, and life skills to prepare them for their futures.

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