Meet Maddie

May 13, 2019

My name is Madeline and I am a 10 year old student in fourth grade at Collins Elementary School in Livingston, NJ. I am the co founder of Mad Jacks, the best dog chew toy company. My partner, Jack and I became partners after one of our TREP$ workshops. My mom and his mom found out we were doing the same thing so we decided to join forces. Before we became partners, I had other things in mind other than dog chew toys. I thought about doing scented candles, kinetic sand, and snow globes. I talked to my friends and family to ask about their opinion. Finally I decided to do dog chew toys because it can be a great gift and dogs love to play with chew toys.

Animals are also a passion of mine and you have to be passionate in the business that you are creating. First we had to design and create the logo – we decided to feature our dogs Hudson and Boulder on the advertisement. Once we finished the logo, we had to move on to creating the toys. We had to think of a toy that dogs would love and that our customers would be happy with. The dog chew toys that we created were environmentally friendly and durable — water bottles wrapped in unused socks, a tennis ball with a bell inside of it , and a ball that had a tee-shirt wrapped around it. We made a few at first then after that we tested it on my partner’s dog, Boulder. It worked well so we made more. It was fun because because both Jack and I have dogs so we were able to try the dog toys on them. Right before the night of TREP$, we made a video so that people would know to buy our dog toys.

The problems we ran into was when I was trying to to make a border for our flier I accidentally deleted our flier but my partner, Jack had a extra one and re-did the border. Another problem was when we were doing the video we couldn’t remember anything that we were supposed to say so we had to do it multiple times until we got it right. The last problem that we ran into was when we took the cap off the water bottle, it started to collapse but we fixed the problem by keeping the cap on the water bottle.

I was nervous the night of the Marketplace because I was afraid people weren’t going to buy our product- I was also worried that my partner would leave and I would have to manage the table myself. I was surprised that people not only visited our table but purchased over $300 worth of products!! A new TREPS record! We chose the Livingston Animal Shelter, a local charity for Mad Jacks because we wanted to give back to animals in our community. I love animals and want to potentially be a Veterinarian when I grow up. Knowing that the animals in the shelter are going to be happy makes me happy – not only am I selling a great product but I’m helping animals less fortunate. I would love to participate in TREP$ again next year if I could think of as good as an idea as this year.

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