Meet MacKenzie of "Serendipity"

September 08, 2016

My name is Mackenzie. I go to Maple Road School and my business is called Serendipity!

When I finally hit fifth grade, I couldn’t wait to create my business! My mom talked to me about how I can start a successful business so I could be inspiring as well! So when I went to the TREP$ Workshops I listened to some older kids explain what it is like at the Marketplace. So then I realized I had a lot to think about!

Then the day came when we had to share what we were planning to do, I shared some of my plans for packaging and some ideas for labeling. My teacher and the business expert shared information with me about how beauty products can be popular for ladies and girls, so I was excited and started thinking! When I got home that day I shared with my mom what we had learned and we put our ideas together!

That Saturday my mom took me to her store where she makes lotion, body mist, lip balm, and lots of other goodies. We talked about a deal where she would supply all of my supplies in exchange for me working at the store – she understood that I wanted to keep all my money! That day I started picking the scents that I wanted to use and all of the sizes. Then I started making lotion, room spray, lip balm, body mist, soap, and mystery boxes! I decided to do mystery boxes because they are fun – you don’t know what you are buying – it is a surprise!

Finally, after a few weeks of hard work, TREP$ was in one day! I had to make sure I had everything ready and made sure that I had my display planned and packed up. At last, it was the night of the big event, The TREP$ Marketplace! I was so excited! I got there and set up my table. On my table, I put soaps in the front and small lotions behind that. Then I organized all of my other products covering my entire table. I also included a gift basket giveaway, where everyone was invited to write their name and phone number on a small piece of paper and put it in a basket for a chance to win my grand gift basket. When TREP$ ended that night, I picked a name and then let the lady know that she won!

As a marketing idea and a way to encourage people to make a second purchase, I handed out coupons with special offers and free gifts. For example I had a coupon that said buy a small lotion and get $1 off a lip balm or something else sweet like that! People seemed to make purchases because they knew they would be getting something else or another special deal. I think this idea added to my sales and my success!

My business was very successful and my mom and dad are very proud of me! I felt so great that I completed such a huge task and that I received so many compliments! I made quite a few bucks – too much to count! In conclusion, what I am going to say, TREP$ really inspired me a lot and if you think you want to do it, please listen… TREP$ is not as easy as it looks! You need to ask yourself, Is this idea going sell? Is this going to be popular? Do I like what I am selling? Did I do a good job? You might think it is easy to talk about your product, but it can be hard. You also have to believe in your business and have lots of good things to say to make sure you sell as much as possible. If you don’t believe in your business, other people won’t either! Doing TREP$ has now inspired me to know what I would like to do when I am an adult.

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