Meet Joe

January 17, 2021

My name is Joe and I am the creator of Blaise Creations. I go to Oxford Central School in New Jersey.

For my product, I sell glass items like earrings and necklaces. I chose this product when my mom showed me a video of an artist glass blowing. I wanted to learn how to do things like that so I learned how to melt glass and shape it any why I like.

When I make the glass I first cut it, then I put it in this little thing that is called a kiln. I put it in there and it then melts. After that the glass is blazing hot so what I do is shape it by putting a cookie cutter on the glass and pressing down with something metal. After that I let it cool and then it is ready to sell.

In the time I have had Blaise Creations I hit some bumps, like when I couldn’t make glass for a week because one of my projects exploded when it was still very hot and made a hole in my kitchen floor. I realize along the way I will have bad times but even better times that will make me feel very good about my choices in Blaise Creations. When I was at the TREP$ Marketplace, I felt happy when people came over to me and said how cool my product was. It made me feel even better when they bought something.

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