Meet Bradley of "Dyed Ties"

March 20, 2016

My name is Bradley and I am in sixth grade. My company is Dyed Ties and my product is tie-dyed shoelaces. I have participated in TREP$ for two years. The first year, I was brainstorming for a product when I got the idea to tie-dye something that wasn’t usually tie-dyed, but would look good if I did. Eventually, I got the idea to tie-dye shoelaces because they would look great tie-dyed and they were a product people could use every day. I named my company ‘Dyed Ties’ as a play on words. It was a lot of fun dying the shoelaces and I got to make many different color combinations. I priced them at $3 for one pair and $5 for two pairs so people would want to buy more than one pair. Two other students and I were interviewed for a local radio station. I had a lot of fun at the TREP$ Marketplace and almost sold out. I made a profit of about $50! This year I made the same product, but in a greater quantity. I ran out of dye as I was making them, so I had to make up color combinations as I went. They still looked awesome! We made a few pairs of really cool rainbow laces. At the marketplace I saw some really cool products and we sold a lot of laces. I plan to continue my business, and sell my remaining inventory next year. TREP$ was a lot of fun and taught me how to run a business.

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