TREP$ Partners with NJ Makers Day

October 31, 2016

TREP$ is proud to partner with NJ Makers Day!

It’s the most logical pairing ever.  Young people who launch their first businesses through TREP$, have plenty of experience with “Making!”  They envision something.  They make and remake until they have a prototype they feel is marketable. Then they consider how to produce in quantity and start production.  Make and Market.  The most logical pairing ever.

Mark on your calendar for  Friday, March 24, 2017!  If you host your TREP$ Marketplace or any other related event that day, be sure to register your school as an official site for NJ Makers Day! This is a very exciting opportunity to be a part of a state-wide educational initiative.

New Jersey Makers Day (NJMD) is an all-ages statewide event celebrating STEM, with the mission of exposing, enriching, and empowering our communities through maker culture. On Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, 2017, schools, museums, libraries, small businesses and other locations all across NJ will host live presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on interactive making experiences.

Participating in New Jersey Makers Day can take many different forms, including registering as a site location to host day-of events and opportunities for your students and/or local community members. NJMD can be a natural way for your school to highlight current STEM initiatives, as well as an opportunity to try something new in the classroom to introduce students to maker culture, engineering, or manufacturing. Schools are leading the way in providing youth with opportunities to engage with making and STEM education; from robotics clubs to engineering challenges to interactive makerspaces, teachers and media specials are at the frontlines in providing the inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs, tinkerers, inventors, and the 21st Century workforce.

This event is flexible, making it easily customizable for anyone, anywhere, and there is a team of people behind NJMD that can help you organize a day that make sense for you. Registering as a site location (including specific classrooms or clubs, or your school as a whole) means access to a statewide network of other NJMD participants through optional monthly online meetings and brainstorm sessions, no-cost professional development opportunities, access to resources from event sponsors, and mentoring opportunities.

For more information, visit the website:


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