TREP$ 10 Year Anniversary

August 16, 2016

As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of TREP$, I am excited to launch this TREP$ blog.  I hope that it proves to be a way for me to connect with parents and educators who share my belief that young people benefit from the experience of launching their own businesses in a very special way.

The world of entrepreneurship is very exciting to kids.  It pulls them in.  It is a place where the decisions are all theirs.  All this, at a age that too many young people feel powerless following a path that is set out for them.  Kids just love the chance to chart their own course- make their own decisions- make their own money and decide how to save/spend/donate their profits.  I believe this is huge.  It’s so important that they have something constructive to empower them in an authentic way.  This life changing experience can really give them momentum in the right direction.

I love being a part of this empowerment.  Knowing that we have reached about 17,000 children in the first 10 years  is wonderful and I look forward to multiplying that number.   

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