Three Strategies for Marketplace Success!

March 05, 2017

Since we are in the unique position of having attended hundreds of Marketplaces, this is what we’ve learned:

1.  Choose a strong product! 
How?  Spend some time on Pinterest (Our board) and then get a LOT of opinions.  Tell people to be truthful.  Give them 3 different product options so they can choose the best one. We can’t stress this enough.  Then do everything you can to keep your costs low so you can charge an attractive price.  A high price-tag often results in low sales.

2.  Be prepared! 
‘Treps should know how to “Count Up” to make change for their customers.  They should have an eye catching table display plan (Watch the video!) and they should be ready to pitch their product!

3.  Avoid the CHAIR Trap! 
‘Treps should not be sitting down during the Marketplace (barring medical need.)  Picture walking past a table with a child sitting, leaning back.  What message does that send?  ‘Treps should be standing, ready to fix up their product display and greet their customers.  That paints a much more inviting picture, doesn’t it?

Employing these three strategies will surely increase your odds of success!

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